Dissolvine® chelating agents are used to remove and deactivate metal ions in pulp bleaching processes.

Some transition metal ions catalyze the decomposition of bleaching agents – peroxide, ozone and hydrosulfite – and can lead to brightness reversion of pulp and paper.

Dissolvine chelating agents are used to remove and deactivate these heavy metal ions, which result in a more efficient and low cost bleaching operation.

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Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Dissolvine® Fine-tuned, classical chelating agents guaranteeing high performance.
Dissolvine® GL Eco-Premium Chelate A high performing chelate with a superior ecoprofile.
Dissolvine® M Biodegradable Chelate Cleaning with a smaller eco-footprint.
Dissolvine® StimWell® Chelating Agents The versatile stimulation solution to severe oil and gas conditions.

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