Dissolvine chelates are used in liquid redox sulfur recovery processes for removal of H2S

In commercially available processes, ferric ions oxidize H2S to elemental sulfur. Dissolvine chelating agents activate the ferric ions and prevent them from precipitating.

Two Dissolvine chelate products are often used together for H2S gas scrubbing:




Dissolvine® H-FE-4.5

[HEDTA-Ferric] complex containing 4.5 % complexed Fe

Dissolvine® H-40

a ~ 40 % solution of HEDTA-Na3 solution

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Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Dissolvine® Fine-tuned, classical chelating agents guaranteeing high performance.
Dissolvine® GL Eco-Premium Chelate A high performing chelate with a superior ecoprofile.
Dissolvine® M Biodegradable Chelate Cleaning with a smaller eco-footprint.
Dissolvine® StimWell® Chelating Agents The versatile stimulation solution to severe oil and gas conditions.

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